My father is a humorous person.My father short stature,fine fine thin,white skin,black hair,a head of the “big wave” self-invited roll hair,who would think that he is met at the barber's hot. His colleagues said he is narrowed down fei xiang,I think so too. He is a fine art,is famous in the central south five provinces binding artist,his one-man show has a favorable review in the many famous people. After another wall,he is a funny people,special love kidding,I don't know if all of the art is very humor,I think my dad's body is full of humor cells. No matter how tired he how busy work,as long as take a door,exactly,he said,as long as a see me,and immediately he smile,I followed delightful sounds.



Deng Yaping,28,is a world-famous woman player of table tennis.She comes from Henan Province. At the age of 4,she began to play ping-pong under her father's instructions. When she was 8 years old,she won the championship in the national competition of the amateur sports school. In 1988 she entered the National Training Team. After that she won medals one after another,including gold medals in the 1 l th Asian Games' Table Tennis Competition and the 41st World Table Tennis Championship and two gold medals in the 25th Olympic Games. Is she born a table tennis player? No. She is only 1.5 meters in height,which is her disadvantage. However,she overcame it by hard work and perservance.Her success proves where there is a will,there is a way.



My grandfather is very kind to me. He loves me very much. I am the apple of his eye, but when it comes to my study he is very strict. Every day he spends more than one hour examining my homework. With his help, I have been doing well in my studies.

My grandfather is also warm-hearted to his neighbors and is always ready to help them. One day, a girl who is one of his neighbors injured her leg carelessly. My grandfather took the girl to the hospital at once and paid the fees with his own savings.

My grandfather is a kind and easy-going man, but now he is living in another city with my aunt. We all miss him very much and I hope that I can go to visit him soon.




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