1. 在(某处):We will get together at the corner of the street. 我们将在街角碰面。

2. 在(学习或工作的地方):He is at Yale. 他在耶鲁大学。

3. 在(某时刻):I get up at 6 o’clock every day. 我每天六点起床。

4. 在…岁时:She graduated from Yale at 20. 她20岁时从耶鲁大学毕业。

5. 向,朝:Please look at the picture. 请看这幅画。

The murderer pointed1 a gun at the little boy. 凶手把枪口对着一个小男孩。

6. 在…远:I can hold it at arm’s length. 我可以伸直胳膊提着它。

7. 处于…状态:It is too early and I think she is at breakfast. 太早了,我想她在吃早饭。

8. 以,达(速度、比率等):He is driving at 80 mph. 他正以每小时80英里的速度驾车。

9. 在…方面(与形容词连用):I am good at English. 我很擅长英语。

10. 因为(与形容词连用):

Those members were impatient at the delay. 那些成员对拖延不耐烦了。

They were delighted at the news. 对这个消息,他们感到很开心。

11. 响应,应…:

All of them came to the party at Lily’s invitation. 他们所有人应丽丽之邀,都来参加了晚会。

12. 电话号码前:You can reach me at 15511746091. 你可以拨打15511746091与我联系。

13. at that 而且:He built a house and a nice one at that. 他建了一个房子,而且很不错。

be at it again 正在做某(坏)事:

The room is messy. The boys are at it again.房间乱糟糟的,这些男孩子又在捣乱了。

where it’s at 盛大活动(场合):

Lily’s birthday party seemed to be where it’s at. 丽丽的生日会像是个盛大场合。

at one’s best/worst 在某人全盛(最差)状态下:

He won the first prize at his best. 在他全盛时期,他曾拿到一等奖。





They came home at sunrise (at noon, at midnight, at ten o’clock, at daybreak, at dawn).


He went home at Christmas (at New Year, at the Spring Festival, at night).



On Christmas Day(On May 4th), there will be a celebration.


He arrived at 10 o’clock on the night of the 5th.


If the train should be on time, I should reach home before dark.




I shall wait for you at the station.


He lives at 115 Zhongshan Road.


The picture was hanging on the wall.

New York is on the Hudson River.

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