中国国画的根源可以追溯到新石器时代的陶器(Neolithic pottery),比如鱼、青蛙、鹿、鸟、花、树叶的形状。最早的中国汉字是象形文字(pictograph)。由于相似的工具被使用于最早期的绘画和书写,绘画被认为是与书法(calligraphy)有着相同的起源。这样一来,中国国画就有着一种非凡的特征,也就是说,诗意和书法被印刻(inscribe)在画中,从而三者合为一体.给人们一种更加强烈的美的享受。


The roots of Chinese painting can be traced back to paintings on Neolithic pottery,such as figures of fish,frogs,deer,birds,flowers and tree leaves.The earliest Chinese characters were pictographs.Since similar tools were used for the earliest painting and writing,painting is said to have the same origin as calligraphy.Thus,Chinese painting has an outstanding characteristic,that is to say.poetry or calligraphy are inscribed on paintings so that the three are integrated,giving people a keener enjoyment of beauty.


京剧(Beijing Opera)是中国的国粹。作为一门古老的艺术,京剧的服装(costume)、脸谱(facial mask)更易被人喜爱。不同的服装类型反映不同的人物身份特征。富贵者的服装缀满精美的刺绣;穷困者的服装则简单朴素,少有装饰(elemental)。脸谱是京剧中塑造人物形象的重要手段,它是用不同的颜色在脸上勾画出来的。脸谱的颜色让人一看便知角色(portray)的善恶。比如白色代表奸诈(treachery),黑色代表正直不阿,黄色是骁勇,蓝、绿色多用于绿林好汉(rebellious fighters),金、银色多用于神佛(divinity and Buddhism)等。


Beijing Opera is the cream of the Chinese culture. As a tradi?tional art form, its costumes and facial mask are more popular with people. Different styles of costumes are used to reflect the status of different characters. There are more decorations in the costumes of nobles,while those of the poor tend to be simple and less elemental. Facial masks can reflect qualities of different characters. Facial masks using different colors are important ways to portray a character. People can tell a hero from a villain by the colors of the masks. In general,white usually represents treachery, black represents righteousness, yellow represents bravery, blue and green represent rebellious fighters,while gold and silver represent divinity and Buddhism.


在中国,北方的冬天在12月和3月之间,相当寒冷(chilly)。北京的气温不会在0℃以上,尽管通常会比较干燥和晴朗。长城以北,在内蒙古(Inner Mongolia)和黑龙江,要冷得多。北方的夏季在5月和8月之间。北京的气温偶尔会达到37℃,甚至更高。7月和8月同时也是这个城市的雨季。春秋季是游览的最好季节。白天的气温会在21℃至29℃之间,而且雨水偏少。


In China,winters in the North fall between December and March and are incredibly chilly.Beijing's temperature does not rise above 0℃.although it will generally be dry and sunny.North of the Great Wall.into Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang.it is much colder.Summer in the North is around May to August. Beijing’s temperature Can occasionally rise to 37℃and even higher.July and August are also the rainy months in the city.Spring and autumn are the best seasons for visiting it.Daytime temperatures are between 21℃and 29℃.and there is less rain.

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