used to do和be used to doing的含义不同,be used to doing表达习惯于做某事的意思;used to所表示的意思是“过去常常做某事”,强调过去发生的事,所以一般用于描述发生在过去的事情。

  used to do的否定形式是didn't use to do 或 usedn't to do;疑问形式是Did you use to do sth?

例句:My brother used to go swimming in the sea.我哥哥过去常常在海里游泳。否定形式是My brotherdidn't use to go swimming in the sea.

疑问形式是Did your brother use to go swimming in the sea?

be used to doing的例句:I am used to having a cup of tea in the morning.


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