help out帮助,帮助…解决困难,帮助…对付。help somebody out: 帮助某人摆脱困难。例句: He helped me out with my task.他帮我完成了任务。

  help out相似短语

help out帮助,帮忙,帮助某人解决困难

help sb. out v.帮助某人解决难题

help sb out of搀扶某人走出...

help sb out帮助某人解决难题, 帮助某人摆脱困境, 帮助某人完成工作

share out the work and help one another分工合作

be of help vi.有帮助,有用

by the help of借助于,通过

be of help to对...有帮助

help with帮忙某人做

of help有帮助 Can I be of help to you? 我能帮你一下吗?

help out例句

It is hard to help you out because it is a difficult problem.


I will help out on my farther's farm this summer.


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