love to do sth是指具体某一次喜欢,love doing sth是指一种爱好,经常性的喜欢。


love to do sth

1、You're doing what you really love to do, which is making music — that's the payoff.


2、Because we have one month to do things if we love to do.


3、If I surrender to God I ll be doing what I love to do.


love doing sth

1、Both love doing things in style


2、I love doing things that make me happy.


3、I think the success in life hinges on one key point: finding hard work you love doing.


5组英语动词to do和doing的使用方法

1.stop to do/stop doing sth.

stop to do sth.意为“停下来(正在做的事)去做(另外的)某事”

stop doing sth.意为“停止做(正在做的)某事”

2.remember to do/remember doing sth.

remember to do sth.意为“记住要去做某事(还没有做)”

remember doing sth.意为“记得(已经)做过某事”

3.forget to do/forget doing sth.

forget to do sth.意为“忘记做某事(动作还没有发生)”

forget doing sth.意为“忘记做过某事(动作已发生)”

4.go on to do/go on doing sth.

go on to do sth.意为“做完一件事,接着做另外一件事(两件事之间可能有某种联系)”

go on doing sth.意为“继续做下去”。

5.try to do/try doing sth.

try to do sth.意为“尽力去做某事”

try doing sth.意为“(用某一种办法)试着去做某事”

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